If your parcel has not been collected, you may be able to rebook your collection. In the event that you’re unable to rebook your collection, you can switch to a drop-off service.

There are usually only a few reasons why a courier is not present for a scheduled collection: •Driver Out of Time — the driver has reached their legal daily driving limit of 10 hours before they have reached your specified collection point. This can be caused by traffic delays. •Force Major — this is a failure scan indicating that an authority has prevented the driver from completing the route to your selected collection point. This could be a police diversion or a road event, such as a marathon. •Booking Error — the driver doesn’t have your collection scheduled in their system.

  • Go to the rebooking page.
  • Select your order from the drop-down menu.
  • Click ‘Rebook Collection

If you need to dispatch your parcel today, you can switch to a drop-off service instead. Opting for a drop-off service guarantees you won't experience another failed collection.

Plus, you can drop off your parcel today, rather than having to wait for another collection tomorrow...

To switch to a drop-off service, select the option ‘Switch to Drop-Off’ below the collection rebook menu on the rebooking page. When you switch from collection to drop, you will be refunded the difference in price.