All items travelling outside the EU require commercial invoices. There is no need to worry, as the necessary documents will be printed along with the airway bill label at the end of your order. When booking international shipping, you will be asked for details of the parcel. Please ensure that all the information entered on the invoice is correct, with a full breakdown of what is being sent and a value per item. This is a legal requirement and failure to disclose the full contents and values of the parcel may result in it being held by customs in the recipient country. They may also levy charges on the parcel which are outside our control. There are some items to certain destinations where additional documentation may be required. As every parcel is treated differently in customs it’s very difficult for us to advise beforehand what additional documentation may be needed, however if it becomes apparent when your parcel is in transit that we require further information then we shall contact you via e-mail as soon as the courier have made us aware. Which countries are inside the EU?